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Help!  My bank said,
"No more money!"

Are you facing:
  • Shortage of Working Capital?  Do you find that you cannot expand, increase inventory, implement marketing and sales plans, or take advantage of trade discounts?
  • Cash Flow Management that is erratic and out of control?
  • Bank restrictions on your business decisions and actions due to borrowing covenants under your bank loan or line of credit?
  • Are you unable to run your business the way you want to run it?
Many small business owners face the same "roller coaster":
  • Excitement over new sales
  • Stress over shrinking cash on hand
  • Frustration not knowing how to solve the "problem"
  • Anxiety about meeting payroll
  • Fear of having to turn down new business!
You need a flexible source of working captial which will match funding to sales and give you the dollars you need when you need them.
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