Pivotal Funding Group Just-in-time working capital for the growing small business. Member IFA
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How does it work?
Step #1:  Pivotal Funding Group, Inc. purchases eligible accounts receivable/invoices for CASH.

Step #2:  Funds go into your account within 24-48 hours.

Step #3:  Pivotal Funding Group Waits for payments from your customer while you go on to grow your business.

Step #4:  Upon collection of the invoice, Pivotal Funding Group makes a final disbursement to your account.


Face Amount of Your Invoice $100,000 100%
Cash Advance to Your Business $80,000 80%
Upon client payment to Pivotal $100,000 100%
We pay ourselves back the advance $80,000 80%
Pivotal collects its fee $1,000 1%
Pivotal pays you the rebate $19,000 19%
Total amount to your business $99,000 99%

Factoring with Pivotal Funding Group will provide the following benefits to your small business:
  1. Receive cash with 24 hours!
  2. No Additional Debt!  No loss of Equity!
  3. Unrestricted use of funds!
  4. Ability to compete for larger contracts!
  5. Get cash when needed without negotiation!
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